Integrative Recovery Therapy

Integrative Recovery Therapy™, a program of Integrative Healing and Recovery Programs, LLC, is a unique self-help program for addiction recovery as well as depression and anxiety. By weaving together recovery themes with mind/body practices such as breath control, mindfulnesss, guided imagery, meditation, relaxation, Yoga, Qi-Gong and more, participants learn tools that focus the mind, calm the emotions and rejuvenate the body. This powerful relapse prevention program provides transformational life skills and tools for managing stress, cravings and emotional upset, along with building blocks for developing a personal practice of daily self-care and nurturing on an ongoing basis.


Many of the ancient disciplines teach that true peace, happiness and well-being are only found within and cannot be achieved through outer means, such as turning outside of ourselves to the use of substances. This makes them excellent therapies for addiction recovery. They also teach us to develop our witness consciousness. This is the part of the self that observes the mind, emotions and behavior. As we become increasingly aware of the functioning of our minds, we cultivate the freedom of choice to decide whether to act on our thoughts in each moment. This is the path to true freedom from addiction.

The basic teachings of the program draw from a wide variety of resources, from mind/body practices dating back thousands of years, to modern techniques for wellness and rejuvenation. The fundamental tenets of the program are based upon the following beliefs:


The underlying belief of this unique approach to healing from addiction, as well as coping with depression and anxiety, is that one will have the best possible chance for recovery by integrating their entire being – body, mind/emotions and spirit. Addiction damages not just the physical body, but also the brain chemistry, thought processes, emotional states and ultimately the spirit. The practices given in each class provide tools and techniques for recovery at each of these levels. Many who struggle with addictive behavior also suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental imbalances. There are significant benefits to incorporating a natural approach to self-care, along with medication when necessary. These tools and techniques are available whenever they are needed and empower the participant to become an active partner in their own recovery process.

Class Format

Centering Practice – Each class begins with mindfulness. This causes the mind and body to settle and become more centered, and brings about a sense of receptivity. During this initial practice, a technique called Mindfulness Centering Breath is used to help focus the mind and bring about a heightened awareness of the present moment. In this state, readings on the recovery theme of that particular class are offered, followed by affirmations to facilitate opening the mind.

Breathing Practice – The breath is the link between the mind and body. In the same way that the breath is affected by emotional states (such as shallow breathing brought on by stress or fear) the breath can also be used to shift emotional states. In each class, breathing techniques are given that provide a means for the participant to calm the emotions, focus the mind, heighten awareness, as well as energizing the body.

Physical Practice – The physical practice begins with gentle movement and moves through a series of poses that are modified for many abilities and promote wellness at every level. Aside from providing the experience of being fully present in the body and linking the movements with the breath, the physical practices also help to detoxify the body, improve the functioning of the internal organs, ignite the endocrine system to bring about a more rapid return of normal brain chemistry and feel-good hormones, calm the emotions, relieve stress, focus the mind and deepen self-awareness. Affirmations are given with the poses to help deprogram any negative belief patterns and/or low self- esteem that often go along with addiction.

Deep Relaxation - The class culminates with a powerful practice of deep relaxation of the body while the mind remains fully awake and alert, followed by guided imagery and affirmations that bring about a deeper integration of the class theme. A resolve or intention is made and mentally repeated at the beginning and end of the practice.

Home Practice – The benefits increase exponentially with the frequency of practice. Handouts are provided from each class to allow for integration of the teachings. Consistent practice cultivates a deeper sense of self-love and brings about the much- needed willingness and desire to continue on the path of recovery.