Our Purpose

Integrative Healing & Recovery Programs, LLC (InHere) is dedicated to creating curriculum and course related materials that provide a clear roadmap to vigorous self-care. Our transformational programs weave together health education with mind/body practices, which are meant to help the mind's ability to affect the functions and symptoms of the body. Our approach provides powerful and practical tools for managing stress and promoting wellness and offers a wide range of benefits.

Physical Benefits

Emotional & Psychological Benefits

Wellness and Self-Care Benefits

We are passionate about empowering people, through teaching the importance of self-care, to gain a renewed sense of responsibility for managing their health and well-being. We plan to make these practices available to anyone in need, but especially to those who would not otherwise have access to them.


Meet the Founder

Laura Winslow

Laura has been a devoted Yoga practitioner since early 2000 and has been teaching yoga since 2007.

She received her Yoga Teacher training in 2007 under the guidance of Joseph LePage, a pioneer and leader in Yoga therapy training programs since 1993 and the founder and director of Integrative Yoga Therapy. Laura completed her Yoga Therapist training through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. She received an additional certification from Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Yoga of Recovery for Counselors in 2009.

She has continued to expand her knowledge and experience by attending yoga therapy workshops and trainings for depression and anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, and teaching teens. Since 2007, she has taught hundreds of yoga, mindfulness and other mind-body therapy classes at local facilities such as Genesis Recovery Center, OnTrack, Kolpia Counseling, Substance use disorders Recovery Center, Lithia Springs Program for incarcerated teens, as well as various yoga studios and the YMCA. Additionally, she provides individual sessions for substance use disorder recovery and chronic pain therapy through the Oregon Access to Recovery program.

Laura's training in Integrative Yoga Therapy encourages the practice of all of the most powerful Yogic tools for transformation including physical postures, breathing practices, hand positions, guided relaxation and meditation. Her intention for her classes is to provide nurturing for the body, mind and spirit and to help her students reconnect with their inner peace and wisdom as well as releasing their physical and emotional pain and suffering. She has also trained in Qi Gong, Eden Energy Medicine and many other movement disciplines such as ballet, modern, jazz and tap dance.

She co-founded Integrative Healing and Recovery Programs, LLC, and co-authored curriculum for Breaking Free of Chronic Pain, a seven-week program for chronic pain management, which incorporates training in body awareness, gentle movement, energy techniques, deep breathing, mindfulness and guided relaxation along with education about enhancing one's quality of life while living with chronic pain. She also co-authored curriculum for Integrative Recovery Therapy a twelve-week program for substance use disorder recovery, depression and anxiety that combines recovery themes with mindfulness and mind-body therapies. The Integrative Healing & Recovery Programs are approved providers of Recovery Support Services through the Oregon Access to Recovery Program. Laura is also the co-founder and Project Director of a non-profit program called Southern Oregon Mind-body Outreach Project, which provides yoga classes to incarcerated teens at the Lithia Springs Program in Ashland and is a program of Yoga Blue, Inc.

Prior to her endeavors in the field of mind-body therapy, Laura earned a Bachelor's degree in International Finance and ran a successful securities brokerage business for more than seven years. Her business acumen is apparent in the organization of her yoga therapy curriculum as well as her ability to coordinate programs and collaborate with treatment providers.